911 Calls Gone Wrong

Posted by blogger | Thursday, February 26th 2009

Usually when we think of 911 calls, we think of people in distress, panicked and urgently needing help. Such was the case with the recent 911 call following the brutal chimp attack that landed a woman in the ICU with terrible facial injuries.Blank

Other 911 calls, however, have been less bone chilling and more amusing, especially since some callers have turned 911 into a sort of complaint hotline. Such was the case when a woman dialed 9-1-1 about a wrong burger order, insisting that they send an officer down to Burger King to fix her order.

Blank A similar case of 911 abuse occurred when a man called the cops on Burger King because they ran out of lemonade. This time, however, the cops showed up to give the man a notice to appear in court for misusing 911.

Heard of other instances of 911 abuse? Upload and comment!

Update: thesmokinggun.com just blogged about a woman in Florida who called 9-1-1 when the McDonald’s she went to, ran out of Chicken McNuggets. Blank And even after the cops gave her a citation for misusing (aka abusing) the 911 system, she still insisted that her “McNugget emergency” was a true emergency.


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