Christian Bale – The Rant Heard 'Round the Web

Posted by blogger | Tuesday, February 17th 2009


Nowadays no one can really say or do anything without the digital world recording, uploading, and distributing it.

Politicians aren’t immune to this – imagine all the Bushisms we would have missed had technology not been there to record them or if we had never heard about Sarah Palin’s reading habits (or lack there of) or that she can see Russia from her backyardBlank.

Recently, the verbal blunder that has garnered the most attention is Christian Bale’s almost 4 minute, profanity-laced tirade against Terminator:Salvation’s director of photography Blank. The rant has not only been discussed and shared ad nauseam, but it has also become one of the most-used pieces of content for mash ups.

First there was the techno remix:then Bale took David to the dentistin a hilarious mash up between Bale and young David, post laughing gas. Now everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Samuel L. Jackson is having it out with Bale and certainly more will join in over the coming weeks.

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