10 Things We’d Like To See If Mad Men Goes Into The 70s

Posted by Michael | Thursday, September 30th 2010

Recently while watching Boogie Nights, I was thinking about how the real genius behind the movie is how the director showed the characters transition from the 70s into the 80s. How awesome would it be if Mad Men did the same? Imagine the cast moving into the next decade. Here’s a list of things we’d like to see if the writers decided to take the show into the 70s.

1. Draper with chops and chest hair

Draper will definitely look sleazy in the 70’s. Huge chops, shirt unbuttoned with chest hair sticking out. His decline will continue and he’s going to seem more like a used car salesman than a top ad guy. Maybe he will just lose his mojo altogether?

2. Sally becomes a pothead

Things aren’t looking so good for Sally. Her mom’s a psycho. Her dad’s nonexistent. The neighbors now know her as the girl who touches herself in public. Yeah, things are definitely on the decline. Sally’s teenage years should undoubtedly hold lots of drug use. And amidst it all, she’ll likely give herself over to every guy who will take her. She’ll get pregnant and have an abortion at least once. Hopefully she makes it out of the 70s alive.

3. Joan and Roger, together at last

Even though they had a sleazy affair, you can’t help but pull for Roger and Joan to end up together. By the time the 70s hit, Joan’s husband will have lost his life at war. When Roger hears the news, he won’t think twice about leaving his second wife. After all, once you’ve left one, how hard is it to leave another? Sounds like a story book romance to me.

4. Roger finally has the big heart attack

Not Again sound bite

It’s only a matter of time. All the drinking and philandering. Roger’s days are numbered. For dramatic effect, the heart attack should hold off until after Roger finally marries Joan. Imagine what a tear jerker that episode would be. Poor Joan.

5. Peggy turns lesbian

I got nothing to hide sound bite

Am I the only one that thinks Peggy is a lesbian? Well as things loosen up in the 70s, Peggy needs to come clean. Let the world know that an ad woman can be gay too. This season hinted at it during that film viewing party. I was shocked that she didn’t go for that girl. By the 70s, that self restraint should be long gone.

6. Peggy starts her own agency

Theoretically speaking, realizing she’s gay should empower Peggy. She’ll realize that the men can’t push her around anymore and finally get so fed up that she leaves. And having gained much experience working under Don, Peggy will have all the tools to start her own rival agency. She’ll target companies who sell products directed at women. And she’ll succeed too.

7. Betty and Don hook back up

I Want You So Much sound bite

The writing is on the wall. Betty and Henry aren’t going to last. It’s obvious that the butterflies are starting to fade and the fog is lifting from Henry. He’s beginning to see Betty for what she truly is—spoiled, petty, mean, and downright miserable. So by the time the next decade hits, Henry will be long gone. That means Betty will feel lost and go back to her first love, hoping to get back what she lost so long ago. Don will definitely take her to bed, but inevitably break her heart. And why not? She deserves it.

8. Sal leads Gay Rights Movement

What happened to Sal? I say they bring him back in the 70’s as the leader of the Gay Rights Movement. He’s completely out of the closet, holding nothing back. And Peggy’s new agency will handle all his ad work pro bono. The possibilities are endless.

9. Pete takes over the agency

After Sterling has his heart attack, Cooper fades away, and Draper ends up in the gutter, Pete is finally ready to be the top dog. So he takes over the agency, confident he will crush everyone. But then Peggy’s agency gets big and starts stealing his clients. Maybe their kid should pop up in there to make things a bit more interesting.

10. Henry runs for President and Draper does his ads

After Henry leaves Betty he decides to make a run for presidency. Wanting to make his campaign as cutting edge as possible, he turns to Don to handle his ads. Don finds his stride again and puts out some controversial pieces that make everyone take notice.

What would you like to see if Mad Men made it to the 70s?

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