10 Worst Reality Shows Ever Created

Posted by Michael | Friday, September 17th 2010

What is it about reality TV that everyone loves? It’s hard to say, but I know what I hate about it. Here’s a list of 10 reality shows that suck worse than all the others.

1. “Married by America

The premise of the show was bad from the get-go. As the name implies, the viewers would vote on a couple to get married. Surely no one expected this to end in anything that resembled a successful marriage. Anyway, as you might expect, the show included lots of chaotic bickering and in the end, no one even got married. What a sham.

2. “Temptation Island”

It makes perfect sense. Take couples who are already on the brink of disaster, throw them on an island with hot models, and see who cheats. And in the end, we’ll find out which couple is strong enough to withstand the sleazy behavior. Another reality show capitalizing off of screwing up relationships. Good job, America.

3. “Flavor of Love”

Flavor Flav makes his comeback thanks to VH1. Except it has nothing to do with his rap skills. Instead, a bunch of girls fight to “win his heart.” Come on, like any beautiful, young girl would be caught dead with Flavor Flav. Obviously they’re in it for the fame. I would feel sorry for Flavor Flav, except he has to realize what’s going on. Right? I can only guess that he did the whole thing for the money as well.

4. “The Real Gilligan’s Island

Gilligan's Island Theme, Short sound bite

Let’s face it. “Gilligan’s Island” sucked. And so did the made-for-TV movies. It’s beyond me how anyone could have thought it would be a good idea to make a reality version. Yet TBS did. And somehow it was worse than the original—starting with the theme song, a cheesy cover of the original by punk band, Bowling for Soup.

5. “Bridezillas”

Spoiled brats getting everything they want and not appreciating it, all for our viewing pleasure. I watched one episode and I was scared my eyes were bleeding. My only question is: how do they con people into marrying them?

6. “John & Kate Plus 8”

No offense, but if you didn’t see this show ending in divorce, then you must be a complete idiot. History has proven that marriages can’t withstand reality TV shows. So what makes this show so much worse than the others? How about the fact that all 8 kids will likely need a lifetime of therapy to recover from what their parents put them through on national television? It seriously makes me sick.

7. “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Reality television is notorious for making a mockery of serious issues. Perhaps the worst would be “Who’s Your Daddy?” The plot involves an adopted girl who wants to find her real father. The catch? She has to choose from a group of men trying to fool her. If she chooses correctly, she win’s a wad of cash. If one of the fake dads tricks her, they get the money instead. Assuming it’s not staged, imagine the emotional train wreck that girl must be. Luckily, it only made it one episode in before they cancelled it.

8. Every reality show ever produced by MTV (except “Jersey Shore”)

I couldn’t choose just one, so I chose them all. From “Room Raiders” to “Parental Control,” MTV has taken reality TV to new heights (or lows). As a matter of fact, you can’t even call them “Music Television” anymore. I’ve counted almost 100 reality shows that they’ve made. Are any of them good? Not really. But I guess no one expects MTV to produce quality TV. It’s all for teenyboppers anyway. Note: Surprisingly enough, MTV hit gold with “Jersey Shore.” I’m sure it was an accident.

9. “Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

K-Fed plus Britney equals terrible. He’s a wanna-be riding her coattails. She’s a child star turned sleazy pop star (who later went off the deep end). There’s not a whole lot to say about this one except that, surprise, they ended up getting a divorce.

10. “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”

Seriously, how the hell can you carry a baby for 9 months and have no clue? One lady even claimed she didn’t know she was pregnant twice! I’m calling B.S. on this entire show.

Can you think of any reality shows worse than the ones on my list?

  • Fiona

    soon to be addedn”deuces’ wild!” will make john and kate look like Camelot.

  • Marz

    jersey shore should deff be on this list wtf?

  • Cass22

    Reality shows on Indian television are worse than any of these.

  • barry

    Somehow I doubt it.

  • imustnotbenamed

    u must be a jersey shore fan to exclude it from the list

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