The Series Finale Of ALF Could It Have Gone Differently?

Posted by Michael | Tuesday, September 28th 2010

How often do great sitcoms end on an off note? I’d say it’s pretty common. Seinfeld and the Sopranos immediately come to mind. And ALF was no different. Perhaps the most beloved sitcom of the 80s, ALF was an annoying yet lovable alien living in hiding with the Tanner family. Towards the end of Season 4, ALF gets in contact with his old alien friends and they plan to finally pick him up and take him home. The Tanners throw him a going away party and then take him to meet the arriving space ship.

What ALF doesn’t realize is that the Alien Task Force tracked his radio transmissions. So as the space ship approaches and ALF readies himself, the Alien Task Force arrives on the scene to capture him. Before we see what can happen, the screen says “To be continued…” and we’re left hanging. Obviously it wasn’t supposed to end this way, right?

ALF Should Have Went Home

Sort of Breaks My Heart sound bite

With four years invested in ALF, it’s safe to say many viewers were looking for a more decisive ending. With so much emotion built up, it would have been nice to see ALF finally go home. He spent years as the only alien on earth, longing for someone to connect with. And as cool as he thought the Tanners were, they still weren’t aliens like him.
How many times did ALF try and contact his real friends and family? In multiple episodes he sends messages out to space, hoping his friends would catch them on the other side. In one particular episode, he tells them that the thought of never seeing them again breaks his heart.

Or how about the episode where ALF reads in a tabloid that a lady claims she has her own alien? ALF thinks it’s a relative of his and goes looking for him. He’s so excited, but ends up getting crushed when he finds out it’s a scam. And of course he gets captured for awhile until Willie saves him.
Poor ALF. He should have made it home.

Rhonda Could Have Moved In

I Was Brushed, and Curried, and Ready For Love sound bite

ALF made it clear that the thing he missed most about his home planet was his girlfriend, Rhonda. In season 1, he almost sees her, but decides to stay awhile with the Tanners. Little did he know that decision would haunt him in season 4 when he tries to leave.

Maybe he should have considered having Rhonda come to him. ALF could have easily convinced the Tanners that Rhonda would have helped curb some of his more annoying habits. The last episode could have shown ALF and the family preparing for her arrival. Rather than ending on a bad note, the series could have ended in a “feel good” manner with Rhonda exiting the space ship and jumping in ALF’s arms. Perfect closure.
Of course, this also could have opened things up to another season if the producer so chose. Having a girl alien in the house would have livened things up a bit.

Brian In Space

Come on Brian, Give Us a Hug sound bite

If anyone would have missed ALF, it would have been Brian. In the first season when ALF almost leaves on his birthday, Brian breaks down. It’s kind of like a little kid and his dog. Who grows more attached to the family pet than a little boy?
Perhaps it’s a bit farfetched, but what if the series ended with ALF taking Brian with him? Now the Tanners obviously would never have agreed to that, so there’s a few different ways they could have made this happen:
Waited a few years—They could have waited until Brian was a teenager. At that point Brian could have struggled and made the decision to go. The Tanners could have tried to convince him otherwise, but it could have been a “coming of age” decision.
Brian sneaks out—Brian could have snuck onboard when no one was paying attention. And then the series could have ended with everyone finding out Brian was gone. Now there’s a cliffhanger.

They all go—And finally, the whole Tanner family could have gone. Imagine that! Instead of ALF being out of his element, the Tanner’s find themselves as the aliens.

No one wanted it to end
However you look at the series finale, one thing’s for sure. No fan wanted the show to end. And while a cliffhanger left is with a deeply unsettled feeling, the fact is, we wouldn’t have been happy with any ending.

How do you think ALF should have ended?

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  • Shumway

    I think Alf should have fended off the alien task force with his friends(and Willie’s help) and got aboard the spaceship and left, but they didnt realize, one of the alien task force members was aboard the ship aswell

  • Glen W Eagles

    He simply should of been allowed to leave with the help of Skip and Rhonda fending off the Alien Task force with some sort of paralyzing beam, if Alf was picked up for another season they could of shown him on the new planet or that he changed his mind and came back to live with the Tanners or another family

  • That’s Me

    So he never went back home?

  • Matttt

    No… He got stopped by the Task Force and it got cancelled before they could explain what else happened to ALF.

  • Uiouio

    They actually planned a season 5 where he lived on a military base, but it wasnt approved by the network.

  • kazer@4

    i think they need to carry on the show because is he going to die is the task force going to cut him open, there are so many questions i have and i think that that was just a little rude of the station who was casting the tv series becasue i found out there is a 5 season but it didn’t get aired. I hope that you guys wil anwser some of my questions but all i am trying to get at is i know it isa kind of late for them to air that 5 season but they should i don’t know what is wrong with it ttyl
    love lauren

  • DJ

    But that’s just it, it didn’t end there. There’s a movie called “Project Alf”. WARNING!!! Someone said, and I quote, “I introduced Alf to my children via Hulu, and they have slowly enjoyed watching most of the episodes. Looking for an end to Alf, they watched Project Alf. Big mistake. It ended up being something that upset everyone. (Spoiler Alert from here on) Alf never gets back to the Tanner’s and seems to have just ‘forgotten’ about him as they supposedly had ‘forgotten’ about him and moved to Iceland?!?!? Give me a break. Like he would forget about the Tanner’s after all those years, and like they would move to Iceland. Because he never got back to the Tanner’s, nor his fellow Aliens, it was pretty upsetting my children, some of whom were in tears over it. Anyway, there was no happy close for Alf lovers.”

  • DJ

    well every rose has its thorn

  • DJ

    watch project Alf and find out

  • Trevor Trusty

    i wish the Tanners would be in Project Alf :’(

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