20 Awesome Videos Of Guitar Smashes

Posted by Michael | Monday, October 4th 2010

There’s nothing more rock and roll than a guitar smash. Wood flying, strings popping, and all the sounds that go along with it. It’s just plain cool to witness. So sit back and watch these awesome videos of guitars getting destroyed.

1. John Belushi has had enough

The quintessential party movie, Animal House inspired college students everywhere to party like there’s no tomorrow. During the movie, John Belushi does what every guy wishes he could do to that guy at the party. You know, the one who thinks he can play guitar but is really just a complete pain. Hilarious and unexpected.

2. Jimi Hendrix gives it to the gods

If you ask anyone who the guitar god is, the odds of them responding “Jimi Hendrix” are pretty high. He just might be the greatest that ever lived. During this live performance, Hendrix basically sacrifices his guitar. After a bunch of strange, likely drug-induced antics, he picks it up and slams it to the ground to finish the job.

3. Kurt Kobain shows why he smells like teen spirit

Kurt Kobain was the face of teen angst in the 90s. He was also the father of the grunge movement. His music was loud, catchy, and pissed off. Perhaps no moment captured his anger better than this guitar smash.

4. Random comedian deals with a heckler

Have you ever been to a standup comedy act where someone in the audience thought it would be a good idea to heckle the guy on stage? Well that might seem funny, but it probably isn’t to the comedian. Watch what this guy does in response.

5. Hard Rock Café 30th anniversary

It’s Hard Rock Café’s 30th anniversary in Canada. What better way to celebrate than to smash 30 guitars? After all, what’s more “hard rock” than that?

6. Epic fail

Is there anything funnier than someone trying desperately to look cool and failing miserably? That said, how lame is it to go for a guitar smash only to find out you can’t break the guitar? Just ask this guy.

7. Katy Perry gets in on the fun

Guitar smashes are for girls too! According to Katy Perry, anyway. Of course, it seems a bit strange to see a scantily clad woman crush a pink Hello kitty guitar. But, a guitar smash is a guitar smash, right?

8. Billy bass smash

You know what’s tougher than breaking a guitar? How about destroying a bass? It takes Billy a million tries to get it right. But he sticks it out and obliterates the bass. Rock on!

9. Triple Smash

I’m guessing this video is a fake. However, fake or not, it can’t feel good to get hit in the head with a guitar once. Much less three times. Having said that, if this guy knew his friend was going to hit him in the head with the guitar and then just went along with it, he’s a moron.

10. The Honky Tonk Man

The Honky Tonk Man was a professional wrestler whose gimmick was to dress like an Elvis impersonator. He always carried his guitar around with him. But the only guitar playing he ever seemed to do was upside people’s heads.

11. Jeff Jarrett

Another pro wrestler. Go figure. But what do you expect? They love to hit each other with blunt objects. Jeff Jarrett’s guitar bash is a bit more modern than the Honky Tonk Man’s. Meaning, more extreme. Say what you want about wrestling being fake, but that had to hurt like Hell.

12. Paul Stanley

Kiss is famous for their gigantic version of arena rock. So with Paul Stanley’s guitar smash, that’s exactly what you get. Huge and showy. He plays to the crowd like no other.

13. Tom Delonge

Even in their 30s, Blink 182 isn’t much more than a pack of delinquents. So instead of a huge onstage production from them, we have a video of them goofing off in studio. Naughty language included. Amidst the hijinks, Tom takes his guitar outside and smashes it to pieces. Then Mark runs over it in his SUV to finish it off.

14. Guitar bash contest

What’s cooler than a guitar smashing contest? You have a big “X” for a target and you just go for it. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in this?

15. Eddie Van Halen

The name “Van Halen” is synonymous with wailing guitars. But in this video, we find Eddie past his prime and pissed off. So he takes it out by breaking his guitar rather than shredding on it. It’s sad to see what rock stars eventually become.

16. Dave Grohl

What do you do if your guitar doesn’t sound good? Tune it… unless you’re Dave Grohl. Instead you destroy it. And why not? You can afford a million more.

17. Make Your Own

This kid spends hours showing you how to create your own easy-to-break guitar. He does a great job. But it seems like a waste of time just to destroy it. I wonder if the pro wrestler’s use these?

18. Mastercard

You know those Mastercard commercials where they’ll list the price of a bunch of things and then at the end they’ll list one more and say it’s “priceless?” Yeah, this is one of those. I literally laughed out loud when I watched the end of this one. By the way, this commercial got banned.

19. Slash

When I first saw this, I thought Slash was wearing a superhero costume. Turns out, he’s wearing a motion capture suit. They’re filming him break a guitar for Guitar Hero III. Still, quite a strange video.

20. Top 10 Montage

Last but not least, we have a guitar smash highlight reel. For those who don’t have time to sift through tons of videos, this one will give you a sample of what’s out there. Some of the best right here.

Have you seen any better guitar smash videos? If so, link them in the comment section!

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