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Posted by David Aronchick | Thursday, December 16th 2010

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Hello our fellow quote seekers! It’s been a adventurous week here at Hark HQ as we migrate all the goodness that was Entertonement over to our new baby, Hark.com. We’ve heard lots of your questions and concerns loud and clear, and I want to take a second to answer your most common complaint.

Where is feature <x>?

The answer is (most likely) coming soon. Among those that are first up:

  • A profile page to see all your uploaded clips
  • The ability to tweet/facebook after you upload
  • To clip (and perchance to dream?) your favorite sound bites to just the length you want
  • The ability to edit clips and collections

and many more. While we had hoped to get everything over in the move, we wanted to make sure that the experience of finding, listening and sharing was nailed before we got some of the items around the edges. I hope you can stick with us – we promise we’ll get to all of this and lots more!

  • Shinigani1234567890

    i hope ur telling the truth

  • Yohan

    one problem is that Entertonment and Hark.com do not LOAD properly in Google Chrome or load very slowly

  • Anonymous

    We are absolutely hard at work on it. Just a bit longer – promise!

  • Anonymous

    Hi–nnWe haven’t seen any issues with Chrome at all (i’m posting this from Chrome as we speak). Can you email me directly (aronchick (at) hark.com) so I can help debug for you?

  • Anonymous

    Can you please email me at aronchick (at) hark.com? We’ll do our best to fix this right away.

  • Mitch

    So, you record on another application (like Audacity), THEN upload it here. Correct? It seems a bit misleading to hit the ‘record’ tab and not be able to record anything. Maybe I assumed too much.

  • Anonymous

    Hi–nnI’m afraid this is on us. In the process of moving to Hark, we made a significant amount of architectural changes, and record on the site has been delayed (but is still absolutely part of our plans!) I will say that it’s coming “soon”. Hope you can bear with us!

  • Mitch

    I can live with that. Thanks. I’ll bookmark and return. Thinking of this as a tool alternate to Audacity for my at-risk students with writing issues. I’ve had success with Audacity in these cases, but it’s a pain to convert to mp3 files. Hoping this can be an option – along with the existing materials here. I’ll have to ‘screen’ the materials, though; much of it is a bit much for classroom use.

  • Dave

    I need sound clips for a review, so I’m looking for sound clips of a certain movie. (I won’t specify to avoid other users from commenting about the movie)nI’ve searched all over hark for a download button. There is none is there? Do we have to purchase sound clips?u00a0I’m not mad, just a new user here looking around. Help would be greatly appreciated.u00a0n

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