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Whatever your perception of Tom Cruise is, he remains to be prolific in both film and the tabloids.  You may be one of those people who follow his personal life, his wife’s life, his kids’ lives, or you may simply be someone who buys tickets to a movie because it looks cool and he just happens […]

Actor Peter Falk, known to millions of fans around the world as ‘Columbo‘ and the grandfather from the beloved film ‘Princess Bride‘ has died, he was 83 years old. According to‘s press release: “Falk died peacefully at his Beverly Hills home in the evening of June 23, 2011,” according to the statement. Falk is […]

We have got a lot of quotes and sound bites. Thousands. Hundreds of thousands. Millions, really. And, the fact is that as fun as they are to listen to one at a time, we have found that you REALLY love to hear more than one when you visit our site. The average person comes by […]

Oh, Hollywood.  You are so very special with all the original scripts being developed into brand new, fresh, stories that people have never experienced on film in their lifetime.  Wait, what?!  Oh, you ran out of ideas?  You want to remake/re-image everything that I grew up watching and hold dear to my heart?  You say […]

Well, it’s friday again.  This is the first official week of summer so Hollywood’s big guns will be blazing away for the next couple months and first out of the gate we have 2 major releases that could not possibly be more opposite each other. Bad Teacher (Rated R) Cameron Diaz looks to be doing […]

As a game that simply defined the 1980′s Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Brothers (1985)’  remains, to this day, incredibly addictive and fun to play.  I’m not even going to begin to investigate how many sequels, spin-offs and side projects those wacky plumbers have been featured in.  ’Super Mario Bros.’ is a sequel to ‘Mario Bros. (1983)’ […]

Are your favorites shows hibernating for the summer?  No fear, there are lots of news shows premiering for the summer season as well as a few returners from the Spring season.  Summer is the time that many new shows raise their head and it’s up to you, the viewer, to decide their fate.  More often […]

In 1981 an action/adventure movie starring “Han Solo” from Star Wars exploded into theaters and started a worldwide phenomenon that has spread into 30 years of whip cracking, Nazi killing, thrill seeking tales of high adventure.  I am speaking, of course, of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Indiana Jones has inspired countless imitations, legions of […]

One of the most popular actresses working in film right now is Natalie Portman.  While she seems to be in just about everything these days (Thor, Black Swan, No Strings Attached, etc.) she started out at 13 year-old  in a starring role as an orphaned 12 year-old who enlists the help of a professional hitman […]

Today is a very special day.  It is a day 53 years in the making, a day that cries out for the world to celebrate the birthday of one of the most cherished cult icons of our time.  It is Bruce “Don’t call me Ash” Campbell‘s 53rd birthday.  Hail to the B-Movie King, baby. In […]