Theatrical Releases for 4th of July Weekend

Posted by Barry | Tuesday, June 28th 2011

Well, out come the big guns (literally) as Hollywood unleashes the star power of giant robots vs. Juliom Hankberts (my newly coined term for Julia Roberts & Tom Hanks appearing in the same film) which will undoubtedly attract the opposite people, but probably will have some crossover potential (If I have to sit through THIS, then you have to sit through THIS with me) with couples.  Strategically planned to make lots of money, here’s the lowdown.

June 29th: (early jump on the weekend) TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON (3D)(Rated PG-13)

So the giant heroic robots from planet Cybertron are back battling the evil robots from planet Cybertron.  Autobots vs. Decepticons: Round Three is here and this time they’re Megan Fox-free.  She was fired by executive producer Steven Spielberg after appearing in the first 2 films, not that she contributed anything other than eye candy for the masses.  So they replaced her with a Victoria’s Secret model.  Hmmm, not sure why.  Anyways, this monster film was shot 80% with digital 3D cameras so prepare your eyeballs for a shot of Red Bull and crack, this is gonna be epic.  I don’t really think I need to say much more about this film, except they now have Leonard Nimoy, Frances McDormand, Ken Jeong and John Malkovich joining the mayhem and destruction.  Transformers fans, enjoy the crowds at this one.


July 1st: LARRY CROWNE (Rated PG-13)

Juliom Hankberts, ahem, Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks‘ newest film (Hanks also directed) is about a dude who’s fired from his job and goes back to college to figure out what the future holds for him.  The teacher is Julia, the student is Tom.  Hilarity ensues and drama unfolds like a deck of cards.  By-the-numbers A-list fare I assume, this will undoubtedly make its money back but won’t come close to the hundreds of millions that Transformers will make.  I am not claiming that the movie that makes the most money is always the best film (talking to you, Twilight) but we all know how it goes.  This looks to be a good pic to take in with your significant other….as long as you are over 30.  Or 40.  Or 50.  Catch my drift?  It’s not for the kiddies to enjoy (too many “old” people), but the next film probably is.


July 1st:  MONTE CARLO (Rated PG)

Here’s the one for the youngin’s to see.  While I may not be a 12 year-old girl I think that this will be the answer to that demographic’s choice of this, or big fighting robots or old people films.  Stars Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester as kids who travel to Paris and explore the true meaning of friendship.  I can see “Oscar Nomination” written all over this one.


July 1st limited-release: THE PERFECT HOST (Rated R) also available now via VOD

This movie looks demented and deranged and I really want to watch it.  It’s available right now on VOD (check local listings for availability) so I’ll be checking it out soon.  David Hyde Pierce (“Niles Crane” from TV’s ‘Frasier’) looks to be bringing his “A Game” to this wickedly black comedy.  I really don’t quite know what to expect but it sure looks interesting from the previews.  Anyone see this yet?  Post your impressions in the comments section below.


That’s it for the major titles this week, feel free to post your own reviews or viewing experiences (“people wouldn’t stop talking on their phone throughout the WHOLE movie”) in the comments section below.  Also, “like” us on our facebook page or follow us on Twitter to get regular updates on blogs and other audible hotness.

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