Theatrical Releases for August 26th, 2011

Posted by Barry | Friday, August 26th 2011

Well now that summer is coming to a close we have a last-ditch effort by the studios to pull in some cash, hopefully this weekend’s releases perform better than the atrocious display of revenue brought forth by last week’s Conan, Fright Night & Spy Kids.  But, it is all about the audience and apparently the audience didn’t want to see those last week.  Or, nobody went to theaters and that explains it.  Who knows, and honestly it doesn’t affect me so I don’t care either.  But I am very interested in a new del Toro flick, even if he didn’t actually direct it.

Theatrical Releases for August 26th, 2011 

‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’  (Rated R):  While I may not be the world’s biggest Katie Holmes fan (I did enjoy Batman Begins & The Gift) the appeal of a new Guillermo del Toro flick entices me, especially knowing that he wrote it.  He didn’t direct, however, but that is OK with me based off the trailers and TV spots that make this look interesting.  I also like that Guy Pearce is in this (have you NOT seen Memento?).  Creepy crawlies abound in this tale of a young girl who goes off to live with her father and his girlfriend when the darkness comes alive to claim her.  Yet another remake, this one looks promising even though I am sure it won’t make any money.

‘Colombiana’  (Rated PG-13):  The newest flick to feature Zoe Saldana fighting yet again (does she know any other role?) in a female story of revenge that is sure to please fans of ‘The Losers’ and ‘Smoking Aces’ by the looks of it.  Cashing in on her good looks yet again, Saldana has yet to prove to me that she actually has the acting chops to carry a film by herself without being covered in blue makeup.  I guess it’s worth a shot, especially since she seems to be in her underwear for much of this film.  That can’t possibly hurt the box office, I presume.

‘Our Idiot Brother’  (Rated R):  Paul Rudd seems to make a new movie every month, most of them are watchable.  This looks promising as a stoner/loser dude who is completely aimless in life lives with his various sisters as he try and finds his way to a normal existence while on probation.  An indie film that has gotten a lot of publicity, this one stars a ton of people such as the awesome Steve Coogan, the lovely Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Rashida Jones & Adam Scott among others.  Sure to be a touching, emotional & heartfelt film with a moral purpose, I trust the fact that Roger Ebert says it is worth paying full price to see.

So, what’s it gonna be this weekend?  Something from last week (sure to be NO crowds there) or something new this week to finish out August 2011 on a positive note.  I still don’t get it, the new Conan is actually good from what I have been hearing from colleagues so somebody tell me if they are right.

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