Box Office Recap for Sept. 23-25, 2011

Posted by Barry | Monday, September 26th 2011

No surprise here that ‘The Lion King 3D’ took top honors for the 2nd straight week, here’s the skinny on how the rest fared:

  • 1.)  ’The Lion King‘ (3D) with $22.1M  (Re-issue is now in its last week playing in theaters, hits Blu-ray REAL soon)
  • 2.)  ’Moneyball’ with $20.6M  (Brad Pitt still packs in the audience)
  • 3.)  ’Dolphin Tale’ with $20.3M  (Morgan Freeman touches things…and they turn to gold)
  • 4.)  ’Abduction’ with $11.2M  (Taylor Lautner just found out that ‘Twilight‘ fans don’t like action movies)
  • 5.)  ’Killer Elite’ with $9.5M  (such a shame that this fell flat)
  • 6.)  ’Contagion’ with $8.56M  (this movie is falling fast from theaters, but it made its money already)
  • 7.)  ’Drive’ with $5.77M  (Ryan Gosling‘s noir/thriller is getting rave reviews)
  • 8.)  ’The Help’ with $4.4M  (Emma Stone‘s star-making turn is still making the dough)
  • 9.)  ’Straw Dogs’ with $2.1M  (James Marsden & Kate Bosworth‘s thriller is supposed to be good, but hasn’t made much money)
  • 10.)  ’I Don’t Know How She Does It’ with $2.05  (any way you look at it, this film missed the mark with audiences)

This coming friday has very little to offer, but ‘The Lion King‘ will be gone from theaters so I guess we’ll have to see who rises to the top.

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