Now Playing on Hark: The Bad News Bears (1976 & 2005)

Posted by Barry | Friday, November 4th 2011

Walter Matthau and Billy Bob Thornton may not seem to have much in common, but when it comes to coaching foul-mouthed kids in Little League baseball they pretty much have the same idea of how to handle unruly behavior.

‘The Bad News Bears’ (1976)

Walter Matthau is Coach Buttermaker in this classic film from 1976 about an alcoholic ex-baseball player who takes a turn at coaching Little League boys who have serious attitude problems, not to mention sportsmanship skills that lack all forms of decency. As the team struggles to win a single game, Buttermaker turns to his ace in the hole, a girl who can pitch (Tatum O’Neal), to help out the team. Hilarity ensues, and beer is enjoyed by all. Check out our ‘The Bad News Bears’ (1976) Sound Quote Collection page to relive some classic moments.

‘Bad News Bears’ (2005)

This time around Billy Bob Thornton is Buttermaker, sort of channeling his ‘Bad Santa‘ vibes a little bit. While this remake is ultimately sort of pointless, it is nevertheless very entertaining. Not too much of a difference from the original Matthau one, but it has a charm that is just as infective. Besides, the sound quotes from this film are hilarious. Check out our ‘Bad News Bears’ (2005) Sound Quote Collection page to enjoy the insanity.

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