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We all know that the tradition dictates we make New Year’s resolutions, make commitments to ourselves to improve our lives by eating healthier, stop smoking, lose weight, stuff like that.  We need to psyche ourselves up to be inspired, motivated to make these changes that we have convinced ourselves are the right thing to do. […]

Heather Donahue, the lead female from the 1999 indie-flick turned blockbuster horror phenomenon ‘The Blair Witch Project’ has left the acting world and has settled down as the proprietor of a cannibis farm in northern California.  Apparently she decided that the world of low-budget horror flicks wasn’t exactly her calling card anymore, so she turned […]

‘Pink Flamingos’ (1972) John Waters is perhaps the most daring, unapologetic and unconforming filmmaker in American history.  With a career spanning over 40 years, he has continued to stick to his guns and produce independent films that defy conventional means and continue to shock audiences with explicit content, outrageous characters & off-the-wall humor that is […]

To celebrate the last Tuesday of 2011, here is a list of the last DVD and Blu-ray releases to hit store shelves before 2012 (ahem, some say the last year EVER…) is thrust upon us this coming weekend. Will you ring in the new year with some of these titles?

‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ (1989) The Griswold’s have taken a cross-country road trip to Wally World, travelled to many countries in Europe, and enjoyed an eye-opening vacation to Las Vegas.  However, the most fun audiences have ever had in watching the Griswold family’s misadventures would be the one that happened right at home, in 1989′s […]

‘Elf’ (2003) It is really, really difficult to make a holiday-themed film these days and have it become an instant pop culture phenomenon, but Will Ferrell achieved monumental stardom and notoriety with everyone, everywhere, all year-round, when he starred in Jon Favreau‘s 2003 Christmas comedy ‘Elf’.

‘The Ref’ (1994) Denis Leary has a reputation for having a filthy mouth. What a perfect actor to headline a Christmas movie! Actually, 1994′s ‘The Ref’ is just like the DVD cover art says: Hysterically funny. Add in some classic Kevin Spacey sarcasm & wit, we have a cult holiday hit!

‘The Santa Clause’ (1994) In the early 1990′s Tim Allen was known as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on the hits series ‘Home Improvement’ even though he had years of stand-up comedy under his belt from the early 1980′s on. Then, in 1994, he headlined his first leading role in a major motion picture and […]

‘Home Alone’ (1990) Pretty much every 8 year-old kid at some point wishes that their family would go away, disappear, vanish and leave them to the undoubtedly fun times that they would have if there were no adult supervision or guidance.  Kevin McCallister gets that wish, and more than he bargained for in the the 1990 […]

‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas!’ (1966) The holiday season is never complete without a viewing of the classic 1966 animated short film ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas!’ from the beloved story by Dr. Seuss. At only 26 minutes in length, this holiday treat has delighted generations for 45 years and shows no sign of slowing […]