Top 5: De-Motivational Sound Quotes for 2012

Posted by Barry | Saturday, December 31st 2011

We all know that the tradition dictates we make New Year’s resolutions, make commitments to ourselves to improve our lives by eating healthier, stop smoking, lose weight, stuff like that.  We need to psyche ourselves up to be inspired, motivated to make these changes that we have convinced ourselves are the right thing to do.  Well, here’s our Top 5 de-motivational quotes to make us lose hope and feel worse about who we are.  Enjoy.

Top 5: De-Motivational Sound Quotes for 2012

5.)  ”Oh, Somebody Kill Me, Please”  (The Wedding Singer, 1998)

A passionate plea for the Broken Hearts Club.

4.)  “I’m Never Gonna Score”  (Beavis and Butt-head Do America, 1996)

Looking for love in the new year? Don’t get your hopes up.

3.)  “You’re Boring and You’re Totally Ordinary”  (American Beauty, 1999)

The truth hurts, especially when you least expect it.

2.)  “I’m Gonna Need You To Go Ahead And Come In Tommorow”  (Office Space, 1999)

Nothing worse than having your disgusting pig of a boss make you come in to work on the weekend.

1.)  “What Is Your Major Malfunction, Numbnuts?”  (Full Metal Jacket, 1987)

If you ever need inspiration while in the bathroom, this is not it.

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