Top 5: Funniest Moments From The 2012 Golden Globes

Posted by Barry | Wednesday, January 18th 2012

Now that the dust has settled after Sunday night’s broadcast of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards, it’s time to reflect back on the best moments. When I say “best moments” I, of course, mean the funniest. Tearful acceptance speeches & emotional compliments are always a staple of a major awards show, but it’s the outrageous and unruly aspects that make us laugh and remember.

Top 5: Funniest Moments From The 2012 Golden Globes


5.) “God And My Agent Had The Exact Same Amount of Input In My Career”Ricky Gervais

4.) “I Have To Give It Back To Him, He Can’t Make It To The Bar, Otherwise”George Clooney

3.) “She’s Always Vogue, She’s a Material Girl & She’s Just Like a Virgin…”Ricky Gervais

2.) “If I’m Still Just Like a Virgin, Ricky, Why Don’t You Come Over Here And Do Something About It?”Madonna

1.) “Hello, My Name Is Seth Rogen And I Am Currently Trying To Conceal a Massive Erection”Seth Rogen

If your favorite quote didn’t make it on to our list, feel free to visit our ’2012 Golden Globes’ Sound Quote Collection page and share your own list, you can email quotes or share on Facebook or Twitter, if you prefer. So, after 3 years in a row, do you think Ricky Gervais will be back to host next year’s Golden Globes?

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