Act of Valor – Navy Sealicious

Posted by Cedar Burnett | Thursday, February 23rd 2012

With all due respect to the brave men and women in all the branches of our military, there’s just something so badass about Navy Seals. Let’s face it, Navy Seals are the rockstars of the armed forces – so aloof, so secretive, so… damn hot.

Oh stop rolling your eyes, gentlemen, I know how important and accomplished they are. But I’d be lying if I said they weren’t dreamy as well. I’m sure if that sort of hyper-masculinity could be bottled you’d all be drinking that Kool-Aid as fast as you can say G.I. Jockstrap.

But enough about my fantasies highly-scientific observations. This Friday ACT OF VALOR hits the theaters and it’s about (wait for it) Navy Seals! Better yet, it stars honest-to-god active duty Navy Seals playing Navy Seals! How post-modern. How awesome. Instead of a bunch of ‘roided out pretty-boy actors playing Navy Seals we have real-life pretty boy Navy Seals playing Navy Seals. My head might explode!

Navy Seals: Men want to be you, women want to… ahem. Well. Anyway. See the movie.

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