Mahalo for not making Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian

Posted by Cedar Burnett | Wednesday, March 28th 2012


Did you know Tim Burton had plans to do a sequel to Beetlejuice called Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian? I know, it sounds like a joke your stoned roommate came up with after overdosing on pineapple, but I assure you it’s the truth. After the success of Beetlejuice, which was, let’s face it, SHEER UNADULTERATED GENIUS, studio execs asked T-diddy to make Beetlejuice part deux and he came back at them with that idea. Beetlejuice. In. Hawaii.

"Tim thought it would be funny to match the surfing backdrop of the movie with some sort of German Expressionism, because they’re so wrong together," writer Jonathan Gems recalled. Yeah. Tee-hee-hee, I zink I just tinkled in mine pants, ya? What’s next – film noir Winnie the Pooh?

Shockingly enough, Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian just wouldn’t die. It shuffled around from writer to writer while Burton directed other movies like Batman Returns. Warner Bros. even went so far as to ask Kevin Smith to write the script in 1996, to which Smith replied, "Didn’t we say all we needed to say in the first Beetejuice? Must we go tropical?"

Even though BGH will probably never see the light of day beyond fan tributes (basement dwellers, ready your keyboards), Beetlejuice fans have something to keep on living for: In 2011 it was announced that a sequel is in the works, written by no less than Seth Grahame-Smith, the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Now if they can only get Alec Baldwin, I’m in.

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