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The American genius Seth MacFarlane, creator of the irreverent animated television series Family Guy, tries his hand for the first time behind the camera with his new film, Ted. It is a black comedy featuring a foul-mouthed and politically incorrect teddy, brought to life by Mark Wahlberg‘s character (John Bennett) through a childhood wish-come-true. The […]

Since February 10, 2011, audiences have been patiently awaiting Seth MacFarlane’s feature-length directorial debut. Ted – an R Rated, satyrical snap at a demographic refusing to let go of pop culture past – is finally hitting box offices June 29th. As in, this Friday. As in, this Friday when boatloads upon boatloads of ladies will flock […]

Nora Ephron, who penned some of the most beloved romantic comedies, including You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally, has passed away. She was 71 at the time of her death. With three Academy Award nominations, Nora was undeniably a talented individual who impacted the entertainment industry. The cause was pneumonia brought on by […]

On June 25, 1982, Blade Runner, a science fiction film set in 2019, was released. 30 years later, the film, starring Harrison Ford, has reached cult status and rumors are circulating there may be a sequel. The story line revolves around engineered robots named replicants and a special police force task known as the Blade […]

The Lord of the Rings is quite possibly the most loved fantasy series of all time. Tolkien’s saga about hobbits trying to save their world – and in the process, learning more about themselves – continues to resonate with audiences and readers everywhere. While Bilbo and Frodo may be the best known characters throughout the […]

Remember Blazing Saddles? It’s clever, controversial and hilarious to this day, but what Mel Brooks movie isn’t? Armed with ballsy racial humor and postmodern meta-commentary on the movie industry, Blazing Saddles has something for everyone, even the most contrarian of cowpokes. The story of the new black sheriff of a racist Western town, his initial […]

Released over the past weekend in theaters, on June 8th 2012, Prometheus follows a group of scientists on a thrilling journey into an uncharted territory in the universe. This sci-fi film is a truly magnificent visual experience with groundbreaking special effects, which could only come from the mind of director Ridley Scott. Dr. Elizabeth Shaw […]

First Battleship, now Tonka Trucks. Is there a toy from our childhood that won’t be made into a movie?

The Best and Worst of E3 Every year the video game industry comes together to feed us a steady diet of hype and fireworks — this year, software developers and the big 3 held little back, unleashing a flurry of dazzling games and big ideas that have been met with a mixed response. Here now […]

Hark is hosting a TV and movie trivia night in Seattle on June 14th, 8pm, at The Blarney Stone Pub. If you are in the area, stop by, meet Hark employees, and test your entertainment knowledge! Until then, we’ve put together a list of trivia questions. How many can you answer correctly?  List your answers in the comment section […]