Prometheus (2012) Movie Review

Posted by Jorge Solis | Thursday, June 14th 2012

Prometheus (2012) Movie Picture

Released over the past weekend in theaters, on June 8th 2012, Prometheus follows a group of scientists on a thrilling journey into an uncharted territory in the universe. This sci-fi film is a truly magnificent visual experience with groundbreaking special effects, which could only come from the mind of director Ridley Scott. Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Dr. Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) have just discovered an important clue to the origins of mankind. Their mission for the ultimate truth turns into an extraterrestrial expedition. Aboard the Prometheus spaceship, Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) treats her crew as if they were her employees. She is a representative of the Weyland Corporation, which is privately funding this outer-space voyage. Meredith isn’t interested in seeking for the truth, but really there to make sure money is being wasted. One of the key members of Vickers’ crew is David (Michael Fassbender), an android designed to act human but without a “soul.” On a distant planet, they suddenly uncover a terrifying threat that will cause the annihilation of the human race.

Big Things Have Small Beginnings

If you are a fan of the television series, Lost, there is no denying that Prometheus is actually going to be smart. Lost creator Damon Lindelof, who co-wrote with Jon Spaihts, continues to make great use of flashbacks. Interestingly, Lindelof’s witty sense of humor comes alive through the secondary characters, Fifield (Sean Harris) and Millburn (Rafe Spall). Lindelof isn’t interested in making a prequel to Alien; he’s more about building a new mythology in Prometheus. Throughout the film, there is a spiritual theme about the cycle between life and death. What does it mean if you cannot create life? Just like in Lost, there are grownups with their own parental issues. Scott provides a perfect cast for Lindelof’s series of interesting characters. Charlize Theron delivers an icy performance as the always-suspicious Meredith while Idris Elba exudes coolness as Captain Janek. Michael Fassbender’s David is quite different than Lance Henriksen’s portrayal as Bishop in James Cameron’s Aliens, but also serves an homage to Ian Holm’s Ash android in Scott’s Alien. Right from his first appearance, viewers will be captivated by Fassbender’s performance. Noomi Rapace is genuinely likeable as Elizabeth, who represents feminine strength. Prometheus is truly master filmmaking with Ridley Scott at the helm.

Prometheus Has Landed

Scott addresses the subject about humanity’s existence, asking the universal question, “Where did I come from?” But the film doesn’t provide answers on purpose, letting the viewers to come up with their own response. The best of the sci-fi genre, from Ray Bradbury to Philip K. Dick, allows readers to think critically for themselves. If the moviegoer is expecting Scott to recreate Alien, then they are clearly going to be disappointed. The chest-bursting scene in Alien is undeniably terrifying and should be left untouched. With Prometheus, Scott pushes up the ante on terror, delivering a cringe-inducing pregnancy scare. As this self-operated C-section takes place, a robotic arm shoots surgical staples across the bloody wound. This gut-wrenching scene will stay in your mind long after the end credits roll. Unlike Men In Black 3 and Avengers, this is the movie actually worth seeing in 3D. There is mesmerizing quality behind the wide shots, which detail the astounding production design by Arthur Max. The 3D effects are quite effective as the camera explores the interiors of the Prometheus spaceship and the mysterious dark tunnels. Because of Dariusz Wolski’s impressive cinematography, his composition allows the viewer to fully appreciate the depth of field. Highly recommended, Prometheus has the right balance between offering nods to Alien and being an original, self-contained sci-fi/horror film. Ridley Scott has made two sci-fi classics (Alien and Blade Runner) in his filmmaking career. And now with Prometheus, he has another epic masterpiece to add to his list.

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