Christopher Nolan’s Collaboration Infograph

Posted by Danielle | Monday, July 2nd 2012

Christopher Nolan Infographic

Christopher Nolan is no stranger to success. From his debut film featuring a struggling writer – of which he paid for the production out of his own pocket – to his Academy Award-winning Inception, Nolan has created a recipe for cinematic success. A recipe that, apparently, doesn’t call for change. Whether he’s working with his wife, who has produced all of his films, or Christian Bale, who has starred in four of his movies; the ground-breaking and award winning director, writer, and producer lives by the age-old adage of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

For example, did you know Wally Pfister – acclaimed cinematographer – has worked on every Nolan film since 2000? After Nolan and Pfister met at the Sundance Film Festival, Nolan hired Pfister to work on Memento. The beginning of their professional and personal friendship has landed Pfister four Academy Award Nominations, all for films Nolan directed. Pfister even won an Academy Award for Best Cinematography, thanks to his work on Inception.

Nolan also brought in Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom “Dreamboat” Hardy for the final installment of his Batman Trilogy. And really, why not? The two actors helped Inception rope in $21.8 million opening day, $62.7 million opening weekend, and $292 million overall. The two literally have million dollar smiles.

And then, of course, there’s Michael Caine. What’s not to love about this London-bred actor? He has been nominated for an Academy Award every single decade since 1960, and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000. It only makes sense, then, that Nolan would cast him in 5 of his 7 films. Whether he’s playing a loving butler, a dream-inspiring father, or a magician’s muse; everything Caine touches turns to Oscar gold.

If we can learn anything from Mr. Nolan, it is this:

You’re only as successful as your friends. So surround yourself with ridiculously talented, insanely handsome, wonderfully artistic, guaranteed-money-making friends.

  • Jacob Bigham

    Hans Zimmer did not compose the score for The Prestige, it was David Julyan.

  • bleep blurp

    why would the creator of this infographic use a generic jester icon for The Dark Knight, but a photo-realistic icon of Bane for The Dark Knight Rises?

  • nonny

    you forgot cillian murphy!
    batman begins, the dark knight, inception and highly possibly the dark knight rises 

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