Hark’s Weekly Wind-Up

Posted by Jason Tabrys | Friday, September 21st 2012


Every week, we’ll take a look at the biggest stories in entertainment news and present them to you here in THE WEEKLY WIND-UP PODCAST.That’s right, your choice for sound clips is naturally filling you in on all the entertainment news you need every week with a quick podcast that you can take with you and listen to anywhere.

Discussed on the podcast this week:



Patrick Stewart nods about X-Men (Source: Comic Book Club)


Warp Drive a reality? (Source: Blastr)


Sin City to film soon? (Source: Super Hero Hype)


Duck, Pig, Wabbit coming back to the big screes. (Source: THR)


“Cap” wants in on Thor Sequel (Source: Collider)


“Game of Thrones” creator wants to get “Strange” (Source: MTV Geek)


“Apes” director bailing? (Source: Deadline)


“Halloween” going as a re-release for Halloween (Source: Cinemablend)


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