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Star Wars vs Star Trek Infographic

When it comes to exploring the galaxy, fighting the forces of evil, and traveling at the speed of light, there are no two movies more prevalent or memorable than Star Wars and Star Trek. But what happens when you turn the tables, and pin these two iconic films against one another? Which was more successful? Which created a larger sub-culture of “infinity and beyond”? Which one comes out the winner?

Ok, so as you can see from the infographic above, there is a so-called “clear” choice. Star Wars’ domestic Box Office Gross was almost twice as much, while it’s Worldwide Gross was almost four times greater than Star Trek. We will implore you, however, to attempt to put a price on Spock. His advice of “living long and prosper” is invaluable, essentially negating all those box-office bucks Star Wars accumulated. If you ask us, Star Trek wins out on the money front. Priceless > $2,225,785,673.

Fine, so the Academy seemed to think that Star Wars was more deserving of that little Golden Man named Oscar. Star Wars won 10 Academy Awards, and secured 25 total nominations. However, let’s journey back. In 2008, District 9 received a nomination for Best Picture. District. Nine. In 1998, Saving Private Ryan lost to Shakespeare In Love. Let’s face it, sometimes the Academy doesn’t get it right. The little notch in Luke Skywalker’s Oscar win column, doesn’t mean as much as you’d think.

Case and point? Just take a look at how many adaptations, remakes, and live-action series have been created in honor of the Stark Trek phenomenon. If the age-old saying, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”, holds any validity, then we can stop right here. Star Trek has seen five live-action series, to Star Wars’ whopping zero. Case. Closed.

Still not convinced? Is that “Overall Winner: Star Wars” still singed in your brain? Ok, well let us ask you this: who would win in a fight,  Luke Skywalker or Number One? Who is a better pilot, Captain James T. Kirk or Han Solo? Who is wiser, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Mister Spock? Star Trek is stacked with some heavy hitters, make no mistake.

We can tell you still aren’t sold. Time to pull out our heavy hitter:

Chris Pine. Enough said.

Perhaps we haven’t swayed you, or convinced you to change your mind. While we may be Trekies to the end, there is no denying that in this instance, everyone wins. Star Trek and Star Wars defined generations and created subcultures of fantasy and futuristic fun. So whether you are fighting the forces of the dark side or asking Scottie to bring on a beam, you’re a winner in our book.


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  • Mary

    pitting two very good fandoms against one another is so wrong, dude.

  • Angelo Barovier

    It’s actually 4 animated SW series. There was the (mostly) traditional animation Clone Wars series before the current CG version. *pushes glasses to top of nose*

  • mind bird

    Star Wars is such a mediocre joke compared to STAR TREK!

  • Eric Brian Brewster

    I am a little curious, Chris Pine, whom is paying you to write this article, Star Trekkies or Star Wars supporters? Obviously it seems to be Paramount Pictures is yesss as opposed to Disney Studioes and your one of the Barrack Obama-Nichelle Nicole Supporters that seems pretty obvious. I am happy to live in Canada and not be too associated with this dribble; though our politics is pretty much tied to yours in the USA. Furthermore sadly for you, The Star Wars Galaxy was an long long way away from the Miliky Way Galaxy and a Long Long TIME AGO.

  • Eric Brian Brewster

    Ahhhh funny about that “mind bird” have you got the guts to go into a Star Wars Community on Google and say what you just did? I doubt it; do you also think that James T Kirk could survive in a Star Wars Galaxy…..I think Spock of Vulcan could but he would be converted to a Dark Sith Jedi, he would be very easily.

  • Eric Brian Brewster

    I agree Mary, it is like Star Trekkies are going to be fighting next with the Dr Who Fanites, that is stupid and very wrong because they have not built a Tartus USS Enterprise yet.

  • Eric Brian Brewster

    Lets see also “mind bird” if I were to put on my Darth Vader Costume and use my Dark Sith Force Lightening against your puny phaser….I am wondering would you be alive after my first Lightsaber swing that cuts you in half? You can die from a lightsaber you know……it is build on the same technology as a phaser as is the Blaster turrets of an Imperial Star Super Destroyer.

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