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The Best and Worst of E3 Every year the video game industry comes together to feed us a steady diet of hype and fireworks — this year, software developers and the big 3 held little back, unleashing a flurry of dazzling games and big ideas that have been met with a mixed response. Here now […]

Class, today we examine the North American birder. An elusive lot, they can mostly be found in their natural habitat of marshy wetlands, stalking through the cattails in their khaki ensembles like watchful cats. Note the two-pound binoculars around their necks, the guidebooks peeking out of their trouser pockets, and their comically-large sunhats.

Hold onto your space helmets, kids. We’ve got exactly 50 years until 2062, when the world will morph into an animated scenescape of space-age aesthetics and conveniences. 100 years will have passed since the debut of the animated show, The Jetson’s—Hanna Barbera’s futuristic yin to The Flintstone’s yang—and life as we know it will be […]

Back in the olden days of the 80’s and 90’s, we had to make fart noises ourselves and let me tell you, it was HARD WORK. Blowing into our hands, our cheeks puffed up like chipmunks with gland problems, we let those raspberries rip all in the name of art. For what would an aspiring […]

You Know What’s Cool? One Billion. The number is so big it is hard to think about ever seeing anything quite so large, let alone our company achieving something THAT BIG. Since launching at the end of 2008, we have achieved ONE BILLION LISTENS. Amazing. Hopefully along the way we’ve been able to bring you […]

Growing up playing video games (still do) I think most people would recognize some of these sounds from the past.  They are permanently etched in our minds with the many hours, days, even weeks playing them until reaching the ultimate victory of conquering the game.  What do we have to show for our efforts?  Memorable […]

Just like a long-running TV series or movies that pump out sequel after sequel, video games are right there in the mix as part of a medium that has franchise collections full of memorable sound quotes.  I’ve been around long enough to notice some characters span a decade or two, so let’s reflect back on […]

With summer coming to an end soon and school starting back up, now is the time to squeeze in that last minute vacation or road trip and head on out to explore this big orb we call Earth.  Or, you can pretend you are in a tropical place and have the talent to surf alongside […]

Here at Hark we don’t just have movie, TV & video game sound clips.  We also have user uploaded collections (which you can do for free as well) that are full of sound effects and all-around awesomeness.  I’m going to take a little time to introduce you to some of the more noteworthy collections here […]

When I was growing up I played a lot of video games, I guess you can say I still play my fair share as an adult.  I started out on an Atari 2600, then 8-bit NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, so on and so forth.  The games back then were much harder than […]