My name is Kenny Ortega…thank you and I was Michael’s partner in the creating and directing of many of his tours including This Is It. And Shaheen was invited by Michael to join him in London for the show so I just wanted to introduce him to everybody and to say thank you for coming all the way here to join us Shaheen. We were here, we were right here a little less than a week ago and Michael was with us. And the band, and Michael Bearden, and the singers and the dancers and our choreographer and our crew, we were all here and we were a family. This was our house. So when the Jackson family and Randy Philips asked Ken and I to help put together this memorial we knew we had to do it here. We knew w had to invite the world to join us here in Michael’s house. We were immediately surrounded by countless family, artists and friends and dear hearts that unconditionally made this day possible. As we came together as a team we knew we had to celebrate Michael’s life through his music as well as commemorate his passing.

Kenny Ortega gives a speech at Michael Jackson's memorial service.