"Janine marks a 12 year old was fairly normal. She spent a lot of time online. One day she met a new friend. The new friend had the same problems at home. They like the same bands. They worried about the same subjects in school. They promised to keep each other's secrets. They wished they went to the same junior high. The new friend had good news. He said he was going to be in Janine's area one Saturday. He thought it would be amazing if they could just hang out, go to the mall. Janine agreed. The new friends didn't want parents messing this up. Janine showed up alone. So did her new friend, who wasn't in Junior High, who wasn't nice and wasn't a 14 year old boy. Everyday children are sexually solicited online. Help delete online predators, call 1-800-TheLost or visit CyberTipLine.com to learn how to protect your kid's online life. A message from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Ad Counsel."

This is an ad that talks about online sexual exploitation.