"He had on fancy pants and a fancy shirt. Look now what other critics are saying is that 80% of public perception is image, not what you say and he should have had on like what that Ellen has on next to him; something that looked like he was a little bit more at the scene." "This is the way he is. This is what got him to the Presidency and got him a year and a half into his 4 year term." "What did?" "Being cool, calm, and collected under pressure. It worked for him against Hillary Cliton in the debates and considered John McCain in the debates when both were erupting with a lot of emotion and maybe got them off course. If this is the way he is, this is the way he is. You can't ask him to act like Ronald Regan. You can't ask him to act like George Bush because you were acting authentic." "Sure if you figure he shows up... because we never seen him in coveralls before; if he showed up to that event in coveralls people would go, 'oh, obviously it's just a photo op.'" "So maybe he can't can't win in this situation." "He's in a pickle." "He is in a pickle. He is in a huge one." "And one of the reasons is because he was so late to the party."

The hosts of Fox and Friends agree that Barack Obama's ensemble was too fancy when he went to visit the shore of the oil spill. Apparently, plain brown pants and an oxford aren't as "authentic" like George W. Bush was. Steve Doocy is just bothered that Obama was late to the party.