Have you ever heard a couple of high school kids doing play by play for their football team. They get old TV and screen you because well. They're not professionals. High school kids get so excited about thirteen that they start giggling like school. -- elementary school kids -- They speak and hyperbole. And root root root for the team is if there -- wearing a short skirt had come bombs. So we in New England tip our caps to the Miami players for a great game and hope that the next time they take the field maybe they can get some professional broadcasters. And maybe even some professional reporters that actually ask questions instead of just. Jason yeah slaughter was sort of fabulous suffered a great team -- and five touchdowns for a -- running one brought congratulations on a marvelous that thank you congratulations Miami you leave the patriots and have the biggest homers in the media anywhere and -- a lot coming from New England.

They sound just like a bunch of high school kids.