Day 1001. We came in close contact with a hive today. Blood tests confirm that I remain immune to both the airborne and contact strings to both the airborne and contact strings. Canines remains immune to airborne string only. You can't go running into the dark, dummy. Vaccine trials continue. I am still unable to transfer my immunity to infected hosts. Kripin virus is......elegant. Just fishing in the dark, son. Behavioral note. An infected male exposed himself to sunlight today. It's possible, decreased brain function or growing scarcity of food, is causing them to ignore their basic survival instincts. Social devolution appears complete. Typical human behavior is now entirely absent.

Dr. Robert Neville continues to keep his video log of his daily activities, findings, and state of mind after being the only one left unaffected by the deadly "Kripin Virus" in Manhattan. He appears to be immune to all contact with the virus while his dog Sam is only immune to the airborne virus. In the middle of his entry, he tells his dog to be careful.