Shelley: "I've got a little bit of a problem here, John." John: "Yeah, I'm closing up the office." Shelley: "Come across the street have a drink with me." John: "I've got to get home." Shelley: "Hey, do me the courtesy, huh, five minutes? Just five minutes." John: "I am trying to get home for two hours. I've got to go home, grab one hour with my kids, come back here, see if any of you closed a contract, take the contract to the bank." Shelley: "Wait, John. How about one minute? How about one minute, huh?" John: "What is it?" Shelley: "I can't close these leads." John: "Then move on." Shelley: "Don't jump! Hey, don't jump out of your manager bag a socond. Huh? It's just two guys talking, am I right? We're just talking. You got the now leads. If you would just give me-- Now just hold on--" John: "The Glengarry leads, Mitch and Murray told me, are to be assigned only to closers." Shelley: "Hold on a second." John: "If you give me the good leads--" Shelley: "Yeah, Shelley, you blew the last good one I gave you." John: "No, hold on, John. No, hold on a minute, will you, please? I did not blow'em. One kicked out. One, I closed." Shelley: "You didn't close it." John: "Would you listen to me? Please. I closed that cocksucker! His ex, John, his ex-- I didn't even know he was married. The judge invalidated it." Shelley: "Shelley--" John: "What was that job, huh? Bad luck. That's all it was. I pray on your life you never find it. It runs in streaks. Oh boy, that's what it's doing, that's all it does-- streaks. I pray that it misses you and that's all I have to say."