James: “Hey, thank you for calling Wal-Mart this is James speaking.” Rihanna: “Hey. James?” James: “Hi, who’s this?” Rihanna: “Jennie. The cashier.” James: “Wait, describe yourself to me.” Rihanna: “I’m short.” James: “Short…what color hair do you got.” Rihanna: “Dark hair.” James: “Dark hair?” Rihanna: “Yeah.” James: “Okay.” Rihanna: “Sir! Sir! You’re missing the point sir. I don’t feel like coming to work today. It doesn’t matter what I look like.” James: “Well listen we’re being swamped in here. We got whole new lines coming in. We got everything coming in. Listen that can’t happen. It really can’t happen. You know what you’re very expendable you’re going to have to find yourself another job.” Rihanna: “What?!” James: “You’re going to have to I’m sorry.” Rihanna: “Why?” James: “Why. Because that’s how things are run around here. You’re going to have to find yourself another job.” Rihanna: “So what am I going to do? I have a baby.” James: “I’m very sorry about that and you know what…what am I going to do?” Rihanna: “Sir I just had a baby, I got three kids you can’t fire me.” James: “Well you know what that’s my job. And you know what that’s what I’m going to stick to it. You’re fired sweetie. Sweet heart you’re fired.” Rihanna: “I’m going to have to go on welfare. Why?” James: “Oh Jesus.” Rihanna: “But I don’t feel good. It’s not my fault. It’s not my fault that I don’t feel good. I’m suing your ass.” James: “There you go. You’re going to sue me now? Alright, whatever.” Rihanna: “I don’t even…” James: “Don’t come into work today; don’t come into work tomorrow because you’re fired. That’s it, you’re canned. Good bye.” Rihanna: “I hope you can play the law suit. I’m getting a lawyer. Screw you.”

Rihanna prank calls Walmart pretending that she works there and is taking a personal day and ends up getting fired.