"I wanna know how to get my name off the fucking list that you've got it on because you have the most complicated....asshole....fucking....dumb ass way of not just sending people in fucking ass loops to get their fucking ass off your mailing list! So they can't get them off! I want my email off your fucking ass list now! B-E-T-T-Y, uh....underscore *****@yahoo.com! GET IT THE FUCK OFF! GET IT THE FUCK OFF! GET IT THE FUCK OFF! I have never seen such a horrendous....complicated....asshole....way of screwing people so they can't tell you: GET IT THE FUCK OFF! GET IT THE FUCK OFF!"

Crazy Betty wants her name off an online mailing list. Trouble is, she's not a customer at the company she has called, nor do they have any record of her being on any mailing lists. Clearly she's either confused or received SPAM in her email from a company with a similar name or via a hacker with a masked company name. When the customer support team came in to work to hear her voice message they were very shocked, but also highly entertained. This lady is crazy! I looked her up on the Internet and she's supposedly a very pious, church going woman but here she lets loose with the curse words and screaming like nobody's business. Hilarious!