Verse 1 Got my parts, got what I need Just gotta put it together Active cooler and some new thermal grease So my new CPU will not fry Verse 2 So many times, I've clocked it too fast Hot swapped my BIOS for glory But not again -- I'm learned so much since then I just hope that I don't cause a fire Chorus A When I find all the drivers that's when I'll know it's right I've got all the components I desire I've got new SATA cables and some cold cathode lights But I don't know if I have the right Vista drivers Verse 3 Motherboard mounts in the case I put in two brand new hard drives Don't have to wait, 'cause they're both solid state Add two more, now that's four, in RAID 5 Chorus B But I still need the drivers or those hard disks won't write Without them, this whole project's looking dire I've installed several RAM sticks and the optical drive But they won't do me much good without Vista drivers Verse 4 Final piece falls into a place Lean and mean, power hungry DLLs have been giving me hell With a flick of the switch it's alive Chorus C It came down to the drivers, though they put up a fight I can see my performance soaring higher Now with my best screwdriver I'll make everything tight And I finally found all the right Vista drivers Those damned Vista drivers Nvidia drivers Creative sound drivers I hate Vista drivers They're still Longhorn drivers

The Beach Boys sang about their cars, but custom-built high-performance PCs are the modern hot-rod. Nothing beats building your own PC from scratch -- you get exactly what you want, and you get it for a lot less. If you're reading this on a computer you built, hold your hand up to the screen right now -- we're giving you a big geeky high-five through the internet from your friends in Palette-Swap Ninja. This parody of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" was written for Maximum PC magazine's now-infamous musical 100th podcast. Keyboards and drums by Jude Kelley; guitar, bass, kazoo, and vocals by Dan Amrich.