Joe: "You all having fun?! I hope so! Don't let me stop ya. Keep dancin'. Cause you better do it now. Because, by next week, this is going to be a music town. And I don't think they allow dancing in MUSIC Town." Lucas:"What are we suppose to do instead, Joe?" Joe: "What am I going to do with this guy, uh? WHAT should I do? Turn him into the police. Send him to jail. Who do you think he's going to come to when he wants bail. Who, me, right? What should I do? Put in my own nine grand, then I'm screwed." Lucas: "Don't worry Joe, you're a superb manager." Joe: "alright..." Lucas:"Superb." Joe: "Keep it up Lucas." Lucas: "Superb." Joe: "Say it again". Lucas:"Superb". Joe: (Joe grabs lucas and drags him into office for his beating.)