The Winnebago concept on engineering department has developed the multi functional bathroom, privacy I don’t know what the fuck I’m reading. I wonder what the fuck the real dialogue is. What the fuck is this thing? Under the windshield for fucks say. Oh fuck. What the fuck did I say? That didn’t’ sound for shit did it? Trying to give these guys everything they can get from me. That’s it, fuck it. I don’t know that the fuck I’m saying. How do you suppose we open. Got to do it again right now. Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Shit! Tony do me a favor please. Will you do me a kindness? It doesn’t make a difference to me at this juncture. Thank you very much I appreciate that Tony. Don’t slam the fucking door. No more! Listen I got to give a clue here now. I don’t want any more bullshit any time during the day from anyone that includes me. It’s going to be very hot, very uncomfortable for everybody. I don’t want anybody yelling. We get anybody yelling around here anymore today and then the shit is going to hit the fan. They may fit the needs of a very diverse buyer’s segment. Why can’t I remember it! I wrote this stuff, why can’t I remember it. Why don’t I say it fucking right? What is the god damn line say? What is the god damn line? I don’t give a shit what the line is. I fucked up the word rear. I can’t even read the VO straight. What the fuck was that. We got flies all over the fucking place. Son of a bitch, get out of here you fucking flies. There is a fly over the headlight Tony. We got flies coming for us, fuck. Get the fuck out of here you flies. We got 3 flies, 5 flies. Make sure if you will we don’t have the fly on the left side of the passenger side but make sure we don’t have any flies. Here we go. Get out of her you God damn jackass. I got to read it again because my mind is a piece of shit this morning. I can’t make my mind work. Tony gives me a towel for a minute please. I’m blinded by that bucket of…god damn son of a bitch. What do you mean, I’m about to fall off the fucking thing. Fuck, just keep running. Bull shit I’m going to slay this fucker. I haven’t got time to mark this mother fucker. Here we go again, we can’t hear anybody, no one can talk to anybody. Well turn the fucking thing off. You dumbass. I’d like to kick your fucking head in. Meet innovation, money…fuck not even funny anymore. Son of a bitch! Jesus Christ. Fuck! Son of a bitch! Jesus Christ. Fuck! Shit! Son of a Bitch. Jesus Christ. Fuck! Shit! Son of a Bitch. Jesus Christ. Fuck! Shit! Son of a Bitch. Jesus Christ. Oh fuck off. What the hell is the line. I can’t remember the line. It’s just all gone. I get some god damn diuretic when I sit here and my mouth doesn’t stop. Not this shit. The mini Winnie, part of American tradition and today the cutting edge of design and function in a Class C motor home. DO you belie any of that shit?

Jack Rebney flips out and curses like crazy when he keeps messing up his Winnebago commercial.