Thus, former American minds capable of seeing obvious wrongness, injustice, illegality, untruth, deception, or worse – suffering and/or death of innocents, or of their allies – and gathering with great (undoubting and unconfused) conviction and passion in large numbers in solidarity and sameness of purpose to right obvious wrongs, or the like, therefore with clearly identifiable rallying points in obvious view of the great masses of Americans; which solidarity of purpose gave them strength equal or greater than that of the “filthy rich” would-be puppet-masters and the deciders and initiators of the events witnessed so widely and clearly by the masses which had brought them together in the singleness of purpose as to rival the strength of the ones, as pointed out, responsible for the wrongs universally observed and condemned and resulting in the massive gathering and/or movement united in purpose against the observed wrong, seeking justice on the perpetrators, and some sort of social or cultural change that might possibly or would definitely prevent future events of the same or similar sort of wrongness

This is the third and final part in this series delineating: The History of the American Republican’s Incredibly Disciplined, Relentlessly Persistent, and Amazingly Cohesive (seemingly coordinated) nearly 50 year campaign to Gain Advantage and Wealth for their benefactor Corporations and “Filthy Rich,” Through Totally Concocted Untruths, Which, Introduced Carefully, Slowly, and therefore invisibly, over time, One by One with persistent, relentless repetition replacing reason or rational persuasion; along with a coordinated campaign whose goal was the creation of an American Mind eroded of rationality and confused and made fertile and desparately receptive to these fabrications seamlessly portrayed as truths; and with precise and strategic use of misinformation precisely targeted and measured for the achievement of specific ends, which, along with their campaign to physically and financially weaken the American Public through the simultaneous, and equally slow, meticulous, and precisely timed introduction of policies, which though not invisible, were cleverly packaged and perfectly timed to confuse the obvious step by step year by year connections of these policies and their cumulative, increasingly successful results – the castration of the (everyone but the “filthy rich”and the Republican Leadership, their lackeyed public faces) American’s power to resist even their clearly felt and increasing suffering; the slow but comprehensive elimination of rational thought and ability to reason in the American Mind; the creation of an American consciousness clouded and afog in confusion and thus forgetful of its past as a point of comparison, splintered and disintegrated and desparate for something however irrational to cling to; coincident with the preceding the dismantling of any solidarity of Americans on any large scale because of the confused state and its inability to discern obvious aspects of reality around which, otherwise and in times prior to the campaign, would have been obvious organizing principles or passionate (passionate because of the former unconfused mind’s clarity in witnessing big events and pervasive, blatant, and universal patterns of change and making the obvious and easy correct interpretations, which created conviction in one’s beliefs, rooted in first-hand observation, and, in the past, reinforced virtually universally by the great majority of Americans who also witnessed the obvious same things and made the apparent and doubtless interpretations that cried out from them.