Mr. Gregory: You are running against the establishment, you're trying to run as an outsider. You talk about housing in Florida. You were a consultant or depending on your point of view, a lobbyist... Newt: Right. Mr. Gregory: ...for one of the mortgage giants. I'm wondering how you think you win that inside/outside game given... Newt: Well, David... Mr. Gregory: ...your history? Newt: ...wait a second, wait a second, David. David, you know better than that. I was not a lobbyist, I was never a lobbyist, I never did any lobbying. Don't try to mix these things up. The fact is I was an adviser strategically and if you look at the only thing ever published by Freddie Mac I said, "You need more regulations." If you look at the only article ever written about my talking to the Congress it was in The New York Times in July of 2008 and I said, "Do not give them any money."

Newt Gingrich takes the defensive position when asked by David Gregory about his lobbyist past on NBC's January 22, 2012 telecast of Meet the Press. When Mr. Gregory attempts to put words in his mouth, Newt interrupts and explains his side of the story.