Colbert: There are a lot of Republicans and a lot of Conservatives out there who will not back you in this cause. I am here to say I do. I agree Barack Obama is a terrible president we have to get him out of office by any weird loophole we can make up. Alright? What’s your argument? Hit it. Orly Taitz: Well the issue is that Obama is completely illegitimate for Presidency because he is not a natural born citizen. Colbert: I want to talk about the movement itself for a second. You guys are being called birthers, okay? I don’t like that term. It implies Barack Obama was birthed. We have no proof that that ever happened. Okay? I want to be able to stick my finger in the President’s belly button and produce some lint. Then I will believe that that man was birthed. Until then don’t call us birthers. Orly Taitz: Well you know there is another important point, just last year… Colbert: You’ll agree that I just made an important point. Orly Taitz: Wonderful. Wonderful. Colbert: Okay. You represent Major Steffen Cook okay, who said his orders to deploy to Afghanistan were invalid because Obama wasn’t born in America. It’s good for our country for the soldiers to be questioning the commander in chief. Orly Taitz: What I think that if in Nazi German, the soldiers and the officers would have questioned the orders that came from Commander in Chief maybe 65 million would not have died. Colbert: Thank you. Thank you. So few people are willing to compare the Obama administration to Nazi Germany. Orly Taitz: I have to be…I can provide even more information. Colbert: Do it! Orly Taitz: Look at this. I have discovered the Social Security number that was used most commonly by Obama was issued in the state of Connecticut and shows him to be 119 years old. So there is a very strong… Colbert: Wait a second. Wait a second. Wait a second. Barack Obama is a Connecticut vampire? He’s 119 years old and he was born in Connecticut. Was he born in Connecticut? Orly Taitz: No he’s a Chicago native. Colbert: What would he have to do to satisfy you and those in your movement? Orly Taitz: In order to be the President and Commander in Chief he has to be a natural born citizen. So even if he were to be born in Hawaii he cannot be the President and commander in chief specifically because of his multiple citizenship. Colbert: So there’s absolutely nothing he can do to satisfy you. Orly Taitz: Unless he can bring his father out of the grave and make him a citizen post mortem… Colbert: If we don’ get this guy out of office you know what we’re going to have? The Chester A. Arthur administration all over again. Arthur’s father was not an American when Chester A. Arthur was born. We can’t go through another Chester A. Arthur administration again. Mutton chops! Mutton chops sideburns. Do you know what that would do? What would that do? Orly Taitz: I don’t know about Chester Arthur. Colbert: What would that do to America? Just think about that for a second. If we had another Chester A. Arthur…that’s it, America is done. Orly Taitz: No, I think we’re getting another Stalin… Colbert: Chester A. Stalin. I like that. High five! How long before Obama’s out of office? Orly Taitz: I don’t know, it depends on the citizens of this country… Colbert: Colbert Nation it’s up to you. Orly Taitz thank you so much. Orly Taitz, lawyer, dentist, taekwondo master

Orly Taitz goes on The Colbert Report claiming that Barack Obama cannot be president and that he is the next Stalin.