Ernie: Hey Bert, are you asleep Bert? Bert? Bert: Not anymore Ernie, what is it? Ernie: Well I can’t sleep Bert. I can’t fall asleep. Bert: Well count sheep then Ernie. Ernie: Count sheep? What do you mean count sheep? Bert: I mean just lie there and count sheep. Imagine them one at a time until you get so sleepy you just fall sleep. Okay? Ernie: Okay, I’ll try it Bert. Let’s see, counting sheep. That’s one. Bert: What was that? Ernie: That was my first sheep. Don’t worry Bert, just go back to sleep. I’m just counting sheep. Another one that makes 2 sheep. That makes 3 sheep. That makes 4 sheep. Counting sheep is a pretty dull thing to do though. I’d like to count something more exciting than sheep. I know, I think I’ll count fire engines. How about that? Here we go. Bert: What?! What?! What is it? I’m up. What is it?! Ernie: Take it easy Bert. That’s just one. Bert: One what?! One what?! Ernie: One fire engine. Bert: One fire engine? Ernie: You see I got bored counting sheep so I decided I would count something more exciting… Bert: Oh Ernie! Ernie: I decided to count fire engines Bert. That was my first fire engine you see. Okay, how about another fire engine. Here we go. That makes two. Bert: Ernie! Oh, Ernie that is no good. You cannot count fire engines. That’s too loud. You’ll wake up the whole neighborhood. Now I want you to count something quiet to fall asleep with. Nothing with sirens. Ernie: Okay Bert, well how about if I count balloons. Bert: Balloons? Ernie: Yeah, they’re quiet, they just sit there. Bert: Oh okay, just count the balloons. Count them now so I can get some sleep. Ernie: Okay, counting balloons. Bert: AH! Ernie: Um, 1.

Ernie has trouble falling asleep so Bert suggests he starts counting sheep.