"We all make excuses for not saving energy. Next time I'll turn the lights off. Next time I won't leave the water running. Next time we'll get those new light bulbs, next time I'll load the dishwasher all he way. Next time promise, next time, next time, next time, listen maybe it's time to start doing some simple things for the future to save the energy and money and resources we can. Maybe it's time to start using the resources we have a little more wisely. Look I'm not saying we should get crazy. I'm just saying we should be smart for tomorrow. My name is Terrell and I'm thinking about tomorrow today. We can all help save more energy for tomorrow. What's your excuse. For more energy saving tips that also save money visit LoseYourExcuse.gov/parents. This message is brought to you by the US Department of Energy, the Ad Council and this station."

This is an ad that brings energy efficiency warnings to tweens.