Ashley: Who in their right mind wouldn't wanna see the Kenny Powers give us a little display of that God-given talent! All right! Who wouldn't wanna see that? Kenny: Well, the thing is, I didn't even warm the old whip up. I got all this Polynesian sauce all over my fingers for eating these goddamn egg rolls. I would just hate if I slipped up and put a hole on one of these top-of-the-line vehicles. Ashley: Nonsense! Come on, man! I'm Ashley Schaeffer, I got a whole lot full of goddamn BMWs. Who the hell wouldn't wanna see you burn a hole through one, right? MAN: Yeah! Ashley: The people wanna see it!

Ashley counters Kenny's concerns about not throwing a pitch for a fan during his celebrity appearance. Also, I love the random "YEAH!" towards the end.