Man: Another project that’s very interesting is The Social Network, which I guess you’re… Kevin: Facebook. Man: Yeah, the Facebook movie. Might there be a part in this for you? Kevin: I doubt it. Danny and I are producing and based on Ben Mezrich’s book that just came out, The Accidental Billionaires. Aaron wrote the screen play and we’re enormously excited about it. It’s a great story; people don’t really know how it happened. Very filmic, very modern and very cool and we’re very happy to be doing this. Man: There’s been a lot of speculation out there of who might play Mark Zuckerberg there’s been talk from everyone from…a little while ago read for it. Kevin: I can’t imagine anyone has read for it because we haven’t really announced the director. We haven’t announced the director yet. No we haven’t even announced the director yet. So I don’t think anybody has read for it maybe in their fantasy they’ve auditioned for it. But we’re at a very early stage, but I do think it’s on the fast track. They want to do it and they may be able to do it this year. It’s gonna happen but I have no clue who may be in it and ultimately that would be the director. Man: You’re close to announcing a director? Kevin: I think we are close to announcing a director.

Kevin Spacey talks about The Social Network.