Woman: In November 2004 Nathan was sentenced to 6 years for committing a gun crime. He was only 19. Man: Hi Nathan? Nathan: Yes sir. Man: How long have you been there? Nathan: I’ve been locked up 3 years and some change. Man: What do you miss most of all? Nathan: Other than being with my loved ones…the little things probably. The wind, trees, all that, just being free. Man: How hard has it been on your mother? Nathan: Difficult on a mother with a son in prison. I say it’s probably been harder on her than it has on me. Man: What about your brothers? Do you ever give them any advice? Nathan: My youngest brother, he’s alright. My older brother, he’s more rebellious. I try to keep him on track. Well he never said it but I think he blames me for leaving. He feels like I left him out there by himself. And there’s really nothing I can do in here for him. My hands is tied. I can’t really help in any way. Man: If you could tell your family one thing what do you think you’d tell them? Nathan: That I love them. Woman: When you commit a gun crime your family serves the sentence with you. Gun crimes hit home. Brought to you by Project Safe Neighborhoods and the Ad Counsel.

This is an ad that talks about the dangers of gun violence.