Matt: Hey guys. Adam: Yeah, yeah. It’s good to see you. Matt: Nice to see you again. Always a pleasure. Remember the time we were in the elevator together? Me, you and your agent and a couple of producers. Adam: The big guys. Matt: The big guys were like I thought you were kind of funny kid. Oh yeah, I write screen plays. Adam: That’s right. Matt: And my idea for the screen play was beer and chicks. Adam: Yeah I remember. Judd liked that idea by the way. Judd: So far so good. Matt: So the elevator opens, I back pedal out. Beer, chicks, think about it guys. Adam: We were on it. You had us. Matt: The politician kind of wave good bye. Door closed, and you kind of looked like I left you with a fart in the elevator. Adam: Yeah what was that all about? Where was it? Matt: I don’t know. So I submitted the idea and I got…it wasn’t really finished. Now I finished the idea. Seeing this film I’m thinking time to get the idea back out, let’s do it. What do you think? Beer, chicks, this dude is gonna die if he doesn’t get beer and chicks. It’s like spin off of this. Adam: Right, right, so the guy finds out he’s very sick. Judd: Tell us more about the idea. What else happens in beer and chicks? Who wants the beer? Who wants the chicks? Adam: The sick guy I think. Matt: The protagonist… Adam: Which is the hero? Matt: Yes. Because pro is the anti…the bad guy is anti. Judd: Because if you pitch this well I’m gonna give you half a million dollars. Go. Now really give me the story. Matt: The protagonist… Judd: What’s his name? Matt: Adam. Judd: What’s the last name? Matt: Matta. Judd: Adam Matta, okay. Matt: And he’s the protagonist, he needs a beer, has some rare condition. Judd: What’s the condition? Matt: His condition is that there is an amino acid deficiency. Everyone has it these days. Adam: It’s a popular disease. Matt: The antagonist is chicks. Adam: He doesn’t want to be around that. Judd: You’re running out of time, come on, come on. What he wants is? Matt: He wants beer and chicks and in the end he gets them. Judd: I so want to give you the half a million. Matt: He goes through a lot. Judd: Would you consider it? Adam: No, we have to pass because we’re going to get in trouble with Adam Covert wrote something similar to this. So don’t do it. Matt: Can we do something else? Adam: We will. Matt: I just quit my job. Quit my job at…which is this job because I said Sandler and I got a project. Judd: It’s good that you quit your job. I think you definitely made the right call. Matt: This job? Judd: I think you need to focus. It’s working, sometimes like on American Idol Simon says you’re not a singer. Stop, you’re terrible and that’s his whole point. Don’t waste your time. I’m saying you are ready to do this; you should quit everything that distracts you and sell everything you can to have enough money to do nothing but write Beer and Chicks. Matt: Beer and chicks is written. I’m ready to go. Adam: We want the rewrite. Judd: The polish. We need the polish. Matt: Should I send it back to the guy… Adam: Send it to Jimmy. Matt: Thanks guys I’m going to get my job back.

Matt Zaller tries to pitch a film to Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow and fails.