Franklin: "What you got?" Roland: "Dodgers tickets, Lakers tickets and Phantom of the Opera tickets." Franklin: "Phantom of the Opera." Roland: "Yeah, it's theater man. Haven't you ever been to the theater?" Franklin: "What the hell's wrong with you man. Nobody give a damn about no Phantom of the Opera." Roland: "Hey Franklin, there's money in culture." Franklin: "Man, let me tell you something Roland. Black people don't want to see that shit. Now, I told you to get me some good shit like Luther Vandross tickets or something." Roland: "Luther Vandross is not culture." Franklin: "Fuck culture! Get me some good shit man. People complain about these fucked up tickets. You're making me look bad man." Roland: "Oh, really?" Franklin: "I'm serious. Next time man come up with some better stuff for me." Roland: "Ok." Franklin: "I'm gonna stop fuckin' with you Roland. I'm for real." Roland: "You owe me man." Franklin: "I don't owe you shit." Roland: "You owe me Franklin."