The Third Prasad HALF-BORNS With more time, and despite the myriad experiences and changes of the multitudinous and diverse (and mostly spread out and separated, never touching or knowing each other, on a massive planet) peoples and cultures, the Unapproved and Hidden are, because of a peculiarity of them, everywhere and always among all the many evolving and refining definitions of Human, Reality, Life — different as they could possibly be — never for a second, or even slightly, partially, or indirectly, included in that light of the obviously true, the common-sensical, by any culture. Part of this peculiarity — the relative upstart humans have another common defining characteristic: only half-ready for life at the time of birth (relative to all other brother-sister species comprising the citizens of Earth), they are, humans alone are, totally dependent for their survival upon the good will of the fully grown — often parents, but not of necessity and certainly not always. (to be continued)

Human’s Planetmates Pull Off the Greatest Reveal of All Time: Over 25,000 years Have Humans of All Cultures at All Times Been Immunized From Even an Inkling of the Unapproved and Hidden. This Refusal (Fear) to Know the Deepest Truths of All Has Been A Big Part of Why It is Human’s Who Can Do So Much Against Even Their Own Interests. But With All Lives in the Balance, They Are No Longer Allowed Their Ignorance. The Truth Ends Up Being Something Humans Would Fear — It Shows the Lie to All Human’s Vanity; But It Also Reveals the Most Wonderful Truth That Could Ever, Ever Be Even Imagined This message begins to tell us how we are seen as different by all other species on Earth. We are seen as not quite ready for life when we are born, and we are seen as more vulnerable and more dependent on the good will of others for our very life. This is, indeed, a way in which we differ from all other beings. I believe it is called secondary altriciality. Ill check this out more and then elaborate on this.