You Got Our Money?

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Groves: You got our money? Peoples: Oh, yeah. That boy, the celebrity, he got mugged. Roselli: He what? Peoples: Yeah. He showed up at my house and said, "I got no money." Groves: Do I look like a fucking fool to you? Peoples: I don't know. Groves: Yo. Where's our money? Peoples: I just told you, he got mugged. I mean, That's like, that's like an Act of God. Groves: Where is our fucking money?! Peoples: He got mugged. Ask him. Dangerous times out here now. You've got to watch your back to. Groves: You watch yours, too. Peoples: New world order. Got to be very careful.

Peoples meets Groves and Roselli where Shaft has them led to.