"Thanks for asking but I rather not send you nude pictures. I'm camera shy. I already said no. It's against my religion. I'm giving my dog a bath, you can have pictures of that. Pressure gives me hives. Under my cloths I'm a robot. Hold on let me ask my mom. Sorry, my webcam is broken. I'm worried they'll get passed around school. Unfortunately I just had my cloths surgically attached to my body. If they got out I might never be president. I'm already naked under my cloths. Not even if you were all three Jonas Brothers. I have a rash. I have nude-a-phobia. I have lizard skin. The more you ask, the less I want to. You're not the boss of me. Nudity makes me vomit. I'm a vampire so I don't show up in pictures anyway. You're badgering has really killed the mood. When someone is pressuring you to do something you don't want to how many ways can you say no before they get the message. Let us know at ThatsNotCool.com. Brought to you by the Ad Counsel."

This is an ad about teen dating violence prevention.