Anchor: They made headlines in a sex scandal in the 90s and now Mary K. Letourneau and Vili Fualaau are making headlines again. In 1997 Letourneau was a teacher convicted of having sex with Fualaau who was only 13 at the time. Denise is telling us what they’re up to now. Denise… Denise: Dan they got a new act together as a DJ duo. Villi spins the tunes, Mary K. chats up the crowd. Check out this poster, hot for teacher…it’s something me and Vili kind of came up with he is the DJ who is hot for teacher. Vili Fualaau was the 13 year old student; his teacher Mary K. Letourneau had sex with him. Man: And it’s kind of a joke I mean I know that it can be a matter that’s not funny at times but at the same token they’re married now, they have kids together. She served her time. Denise: Letourneau did serve time, more than 5 years for raping Fualaau. The courts tried to keep the couple apart but they stayed together and wed four years ago. Then two years ago they went back into the media spotlight appearing on Good Morning America. Man: Yeah I haven’t heard of them in a few years I guess. It’s kind of interesting that they’re coming back and he’s DJing now…but yeah. Denise: Something you might want to go check out or not? Man: It sounds kind of weird actually. Denise: Weird or sensation? Mike Morris told me Vili and Mary K. provide great music and entertainment. Man: Mary is like the nicest lady in the world. Everybody who meets her is shocked at how nice and down to earth and real she is. And Vili is a great DJ too so that adds to the night. Denise: And Morris told me that the DJ duo has performed there twice before already. He said that the crowd is a mix of their friends, some bar regulars and of course the curious who just want to see the couple.

This is a news report about Hot For Teacher’ Nights which is gig that Vili Fualaau and Mary K. Letrouneau are doing.