John Anglin: Hey, how's it going, Frank? Frank Morris: Well, the Anglins. What are you guys doing, just dropping by? Clarence Anglin: Yeah, thought we'd pay you a visit. Frank Morris: Gonna stay long? John Anglin: Nah, not long. Only about fifteen or twenty years. Frank Morris: Why the Rock? Clarence Anglin: We were going over the wall in Atlanta when we encountered a minor problem. Frank Morris: Such as? Clarence Anglin: They saw us. Frank Morris: Yeah, that do present problems. Clarence Anglin: So they shipped us to Leavenworth. John Anglin: Yeah, but we didn't like the accommodations there, either. Warden said he knew just the place for us. Alcatraz. Clarence Anglin: Is it true no one's ever busted out of here? Frank Morris: So they tell me. John Anglin: Jesus. I wonder what I'd be like after fifteen years here.

After walking away from the warden, Frank sits down next to the Anglin brothers.