Operator: 911 what are you reporting? Man: We got someone or something crawling around out here. Operator: Did you see what it was? Was it a person or animal or… Man: I can’t tell. All I know is that my sensor light came on and I just happen to glimpse and see this thing running across the yard. A good sized man or something that looks like a man. I don’t know what it was just that it ran across the yard. Operator: Okay, you had problems in the neighborhood before? Man: Yeah, my dog was killed here just recently. I don’t know what it was. Whatever it is I couldn’t catch it if I was going to chase it. Whatever it was it was standing up. I’m out here looking through the window now and I don’t see anything. I don’t want to go outside. Jesus Christ he’s back! Operator: Hello? Man: Get somebody out here. Operator: What’s going on now sir? Man: That son of a bitch is about 6’9” I don’t know. Operator: Do you see him now sir? Man: Yes! I’m looking right at him! Operator: Uh oh. Okay, hang on. Is he in your yard sir? Man: Yeah, God he’s big! Operator: Okay, what is he doing in your yard? Man: He’s looking at me! Operator: And the guy is on foot. Man: I don’t know…it’s a really big person. That’s all I can say. Operator: But it is a person? Man: Yeah, I’d say it was a person or somebody really big but he’s all in black. Operator: Is he a black male or a white male? Did you see…or was he just wearing black? Man: He’s all black and he’s big. He is big!

A man calls 911 when he sees something that resembles a man or beast.